Vaccines are an important part of your cat’s overall wellness plan. By stimulating the immune system in order to produce certain antibodies that will protect your cat against various diseases, vaccines are recommended regardless of whether or not your cat is an inside or outside cat although what vaccines are recommended does depend on your cats life style.

For kittens, vaccinations depend on age. Between 8-9 weeks of age, kittens should receive their first upper respiratory vaccine (FVRCP). Our upper respiratory vaccine includes feline panleukopenia, feline rhinotracheitis, and feline calicvirus. At 12-13 weeks of age, and again at 16-18 weeks of age, kittens are given FVRCP boosters. One rabies vaccine is given at 16 weeks of age regardless of future lifestyle (indoor versus indoor outdoor) plans. Kittens who may go indoor/outdoor are recommended to have two feline leukemia (FLV) vaccines- one at 12-13 weeks of age and again at 16 weeks of age. Receiving vaccinations is an important part of a kitten’s life as these vaccines provide protection against some of the deadliest feline diseases.

For adult cats, booster vaccines are recommended. However, the frequency of boosters will depend on the type of vaccine, the vaccine’s manufacturer, as well as local or state laws (some require annual Rabies booster shots). While indoor-only cats do not need to receive the same boosters as outdoor cats, vaccinations are still encouraged and required (rabies) especially for indoor cats in multi-cat households or for indoor-cats that are allowed on screened-in porches and may come into contact with wildlife like squirrels or birds.