Surgery | X-Ray

Hearing that your cat needs surgery can be disheartening. At the Feline Medical Clinic, we understand that and make sure to provide all patients with state-of-the-art surgical services as well as after-care facilities to ensure that your cat is protected from the risks of post-surgical infections.

Our clinic’s veterinary team is well-versed in necessary procedures like spaying and neutering to routine procedures like mass removals, exploratory surgery for foreign body retrieval, biopsies, wound cleaning, urinary bladder stone removal, abscess drainage, and various dental treatments including tooth extractions and minor oral surgeries. Additionally, our clinic can perform digital X-rays and ECGs. If your cat needs treatments that are more serious in nature and that extend beyond our surgical clinic’s capabilities, you will be referred to a trusted and clinic-recommended specialist.

Every surgery is conducted using the most modern equipment and technologies available in veterinary medicine and only the safest anesthetics are used for an added margin of safety.

While we will always work to accommodate your needs and the needs of your cat, the Feline Medical Clinic does not perform, support, or condone declawing of cats. We are happy to perform nail trims on a routine basis or teach you how to trim your cat's nails at home.