Additional Links and Resources on Feline Health Care

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Informational PDFs

Welcome to your senior cat
So my cat has inflammatory bowel disease
So my cat has lower airway disease
So my cat is inappropriately urinating
So my cat has hyperthyroidism
So my cat has hypertension
So my cat has feline lower urinary tract disease
So my cat has diabetes
So my cat has chronic kidney disease
So my cat has arthritis
So my cat has allergies

Animal Adoption Agencies

West Columbia Gorge Humane Society
Southwest Washington Humane Society
Oregon Humane Society
Second Chance Companions
Cornell Feline Health Center

The Feline Medical Clinic participates in the AniMeals program, run through Second Chance Companions, by taking donations at our facility. This program provides food to needy pet families in Clark County.

If you would like to donate, please feel free to drop off your contribution in the basket next to our front desk.

Educational Information

For Diabetes Information: Feline Diabetes
For Diet/Food Information: Pet Diets
For Genetic Testing/Cat Ancestry Testing: UC Davis

Flea Control Products

At the Feline Medical Clinic, we carry topical flea control. All are proven effective against fleas.

Veterinary Prescription Diets

At the Feline Medical Clinic, we carry Hill's, Purina and Royal Canin Veterinary Diets.
Royal Canin
Pro Plan Vet Direct - Note: the Feline Medical Clinic ID # is 6GHCA and you will need this to sign up.