How to avoid the most common holiday cat emergencies

The holiday season is upon us and that means wonderful times with friends and family, surrounded by great food and festive decorations. It’s a fun time for our pets as well, what with all of the stimulation and extra goodies and irresistible temptations. It all sounds good but the holidays are prime time for pet emergencies. Cats in particular are very fond of things like Christmas decorations or lights and before you know it you’re rushing to the vet.

While you might breeze through the holidays without a hitch, it’s best to be prepared for unexpected travails. Start with keeping your vet’s contact information handy, and then walk through your house to assess its “catproofness.” Keep in mind that kittens and younger cats require extra defense against their boundless energy.

Dangerous decorations

We know cats are curious and the holidays are the motherlode of opportunity to get into all kinds of trouble. Kittens love to burrow among Christmas presents and climb the tree, and dangling decorations are simply must-haves. Pulling off decorations or light strands can sometimes pull down the entire tree! And chewing on decorations can make cats sick or cause much more serious problems.

Tinsel is especially dangerous. It’s shiny and fun to play with but if your cat swallows some of it, it can wrap around intestinal organs and lead to extremely dire circumstances. Candles are also potential disasters in waiting and one bat of a paw could quickly change the evening’s plans.

Beware the electric cords

Some cats just can’t resist chewing on electric cords and the outcome of that is obviously not pleasant. It can also be difficult to monitor and if your cat is especially determined, try to keep electric cord use to a minimum and supervise the cat while she is near the cords.

Plant poison

They look pretty but many plants are poisonous to cats including lilies, poinsettias, and amaryllis. Keep dangerous plant of reach of your cat and better yet, don’t have them in the house. Some cats also like drinking water from tree stands so be sure no additives are added to the water that could make a cat sick.

Clean the clutter

Piles of wrapping paper, bows, string, and other tools of the season are great fun for cats to play with but are all potentially dangerous. It’s okay to let your cat enjoy the moment if you are watching over things but then clean everything up and put it away.