Different ways to make veterinary appointments easier on your cat

Remember the last time, and the one before that, when you had to take your cat to the vet for a checkup? The routine always seems to unfold the same way for most cat owners. One look at the carrier and the cat bolts, followed by a battle of wills to catch him and get him into the carrier. The cat shows his displeasure on the way by serenading you with howling akin to something creepy from the underworld. Once at the vet, the cat wedges into a corner of the carrier with no intention of coming out.

You’re not alone in the world of frustrated cat owners. Upwards of two-thirds of owners take their cats to the vet not more than once a year due to the drama unfolding every time. Cats generally have their way when it comes to vet visits but fear not, solutions are at hand to successfully care for your cat without being sliced by maniacal claws.

Practice checkups

One of veterinarians’ most recommended strategies to calm anxious cats is to get them used to being handled well before the appointment day. Giving your cat regular head-to-tail checkups at home to get him used to being handled makes all the difference when vet visit day comes around. Bonus points, of course, for potentially noticing lurking health issues.

Your friend, the cat carrier

Cats are no dummies and if the only time yours rides in one is to go to the scary vet place, he will flee as soon as you get it out. Get him used to the carrier with positive association; let him use it as a napping location or toss toys in there and turn the carrier into a playground.

Give him some lovin’

Stress and anxiety is part and parcel to doctor visits, for humans and well as their pets. A great way to calm both of you down is with good ol’ fashioned love and affection before a vet visit. Shower your cat with plenty of petting and playing to direct his attention to something positive, release some energy, and associate carrier and car trips with a positive experience.

Make the car fun

Cats hate cars. Cats like things to stay familiar and predictable and cars are neither. Ease the blow by taking short drives around the block to get your cat used to the car being a pleasant place.

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