Cat Memorials

Honda Kuma DeFord

Date of birth: May 10, 1999
Date of passing: September 17, 2012

Honda was such a beautiful, purebred, Maine Coon cat. We remember the first visit to the Feline Medical Clinic. Everyone fell in love with Honda. Many times, during his visits, the doctor would bring in various staff and interns to show them “this is what a REAL Maine Coon cat looks like.” Not only was he physically beautiful, but he had such a warm heart and soul. He would always greet us at the door. He was always there when we were sick or felt sad. He knew. And he always made us better. Always.

He was a large Maine Coon. 39” nose to tail, averaged about 25 pounds and he had a huge head. His fur was so silky smooth and soft and we always loved rubbing his head and so did he, of course. He loved sleeping between us and also warming Mary’s feet. He was our puppy cat. Always there and purring and rubbing and loving and oh we miss him so much. But, he is still here with us. Many times when we are all downstairs with our three kitties they will all look up at the landing where Honda loved hanging out. And there are times where Mary and I both feel a cat jump up on the bed, only to look and see no cat in sight. But, he will always be with us in our hearts.


July 1995 - July 2014

Smokey was an FIV positive cat who lived to the ripe old age of 19. He was found as a stray kitten. Smokey was an avid hunter in his prime and brought home many prized catches. He didn't mind dressing up in hats and ties when the occasions presented themselves. Smokey enjoyed being carried around and snacking on treats. He was loved by many and will be missed forever.

Chester Burhenn

August 1, 2001 - October 8, 2012

Where does one even begin to talk about Chester? He was so very difficult to manage. Yet I think we love those the most with whom which we strive the hardest to guide through life's journey. He came to us as a tiny kitten that had been found wandering along Highway 14. Saved by a kindhearted soul who could not keep him, he was immediately a favorite of my husband. Chester would ride on his shoulder like a parrot from a pirate story. He also liked to snuggle with him at night and helped him fall asleep. Chester was a very loving cat, but his behavior was erratic and unpredictable at times. We worked over his lifetime to provide stability and consistency in his life so he was manageable for us, but the staff at the Feline Medical Clinic knew well to watch him with caution. He was easily over stimulated, and easily frustrated...but he never stopped trying to do his best. For 2 1/2 years he was our only cat after we lost our other cats, Harry (2005) and Tucker (2010), because he was totally incompatible with others. He was much happier this way, but tragically it was not to last. He died suddenly of a massive hemorrhage caused by a tumor we did not know he had. He had been otherwise healthy, playing, eating and enjoying the life of a middle aged cat, and this is how we will always remember him. He was our boy.


Daring to Love (Tribute to Marley)

How strange it is to say that he is gone
When much of what remains of us
Reminds of who he is
For would we trade the pain of loss
For something less
A life having never known him?
Strange gift this is
The loss of something held so dear
As if to say the error lies
In daring to love
Daring to care
Daring to feel
For all seasons pass
For reasons we know not
Except again
For daring
To love again

Annie Kumle

It has taken a while to be able to write this memorial about a very special girl. Annie (Anniversary) Kumle came into our life on July 4, 1994, and she was born on our anniversary May 1st. We knew we wanted a kitten, and we knew we wanted a little girl, and one who had a fiery spirit. From the moment we picked her up, we knew she was ours. Annie captured our hearts, and the hearts of so many friends, family, and yes, even our fantastic doctor's at the Feline Clinic and their wonderful staff. Annie was a constant companion, and our little buddy. From quiet times napping with Dan or, sleeping on Deborah's stomach at night. These are some of the many memories we will treasure.

Annie gave us wonderful, fun-filled 17-1/2 years. She passed away at home (her little castle) from kidney failure on November 12, 2011 at 7:02 P.M. Our Annie was the heart and soul of our home, and her brother Snowbell misses her very much. Annie will stay in our hearts forever, and the hearts of everyone she touched.

Dan, Deborah and Snowbell Kumle

Harry Burhenn

July 4, 1987 - December 25, 2005

Harry was my "vet school cat". He was from a small town called Parvin, near Pullman Washington where I was a sophomore Oregon State University veterinary student. Until 2006, all Oregon veterinary students had to move to Washington for two years to complete our sophomore and junior years. So Harry was my stalwart companion during this time. He was a farm cat and the veterinary student who was renting the house had spayed and neutered all the farm cats one by one and was arranging homes for all the kittens. Harry was just a little orange ball of fur 8 weeks old. Two of his brothers had been taken by owls, but he had survived. He cried all the way to my apartment, and then I learned that other than a screaming howl when riding in the car and a lovely rumble of a purr, he had no voice for the first 6 months. He eventually acquired a gravelly "rrrhhaaa" for a meow...but that was it. He put up with all my palpations, neurological evaluations, dental exams and other indignities we subjected our own pets to when we were students. He knew no other life. Eventually we were to settle in a wonderful rural area of Clark County where he could enjoy the fields in back of the house and sit in the sun on the porch with his best friend, Tucker, who would arrive on the scene our first year in the house. Harry was quite an ordinary cat...but he could win your heart for he just asked for nothing other than your company and a few snacks. He was always hanging about to purr his way around your feet or just supervise any projects you were working on. He loved the snow and hated the rain. He had a talent for being able to be out of doors for less than 3 minutes and come in absolutely covered with leaves, dirt, grass and pine needles. He died on Christmas Day in 2005, of kidney failure, and for 18 1/2 years was one of the best cats I ever knew.

Tucker Burhenn

April 1, 1991 - February 10, 2010

Tucker found us as a kitten. He was dumped at our house by some thoughtless human the first summer we lived in our house in the country. Although Harry, our other cat eventually accepted him, the attraction was all one way at first with Tucker desperate to win over Harry's attentions. He eventually became one of the most prolific hunting cats I have ever seen...and it was his true profession. For nearly 19 years we never had a mouse in the house for he figured out how to get into the crawlspace next to the furnace and eat anyone who dared cross the foundation. He would spend hours out in the fields hunting, and would occasionally bring us a treasure or two that we would grimace at and then bury. He loved me with all his heart, but was shy of other humans, and if I was gone for several days he would finally sit with my husband, Dave, but otherwise as far as he was concerned Harry and I were it. He was a very busy cat, and was 16 years of age before I ever knew him to take a nap in the middle of the day. Many nights I would be out with a flashlight calling for him to come home (because we have coyotes in our area) and although I would bring him in before dark if I saw him, some nights he KNEW I was looking for him and he would ignore my calls until he was finished with his work. Sometimes he would make me so frustrated I would vow to never let him out again, but I never followed up on the threat: His outdoor life was his entire reason for living and he usually behaved for several weeks after an unusual late night adventure. Eventually he lost his best friend, Harry, in 2005, but never stopped looking for him. He died on a winter's day in February, of kidney failure just like Harry. He is buried next to Harry out near the pond where he can be near the fields he loved to roam.