AAHA Information


The Feline Medical Clinic is proud to be a member of AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association).

A specially trained AAHA practice consultant periodically visits our hospital for a thorough evaluation of our facilities and procedures. In 2000, AAHA added new standards and accreditations for exclusively feline practices. Our last evaluation took place in 2018, and we received the maximum three-year accreditation. We are also an official AAHA Feline Specialty Clinic.

As a member of AAHA, our hospital meets over 1000 individual standards in the following areas:

Medical Records - Accurate record keeping for every patient ensures prompt and accurate diagnosis.

Diagnostics - We start by evaluating your cat's health in an exam room. Access to clinical laboratory services - such as blood chemistry and urine analysis, x-ray, and heart monitoring - speeds up diagnosis, allowing treatment to begin as soon as possible.

Anesthesiology - Appropriate anesthetic procedures ensure the safest and most comfortable conditions for your cat during surgery.

Surgery - Surgical procedures performed in a single purpose surgical suite help us protect your cat from the risk of post-surgical infection. Our veterinarians and licensed technicians follow strict procedures to ensure the cleanliness of our surgical suite and the safety of your cat.

Dentistry - Dental care plays an important role in your cat's health. We offer the dental services your cat needs to stay healthy.

Nursing Care - Proper nursing care is a vital requirement for excellent cat care. Our professional and highly trained team follows strict guidelines for proper care and handling of your cat, from diagnosis to recuperation.

Pharmacy - Complete pharmaceutical facilities give our team the ability to provide medications quickly when your cat needs them.

Housekeeping and Maintenance - Proper housekeeping means more than just a clean surgical area. We work hard to maintain safe, sanitary conditions throughout the hospital.

Continuing Education - Continuing education requirements ensure that our entire team regularly attends veterinary continuing education classes to help us stay up-to-date with the latest medical information and techniques.

Urgent Care Services - Whether on-site or through a referral, we ensure that care is available when your cat needs it.

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