AAFP Cat Friendly

Our Cat-Friendly Clinic is Part of AAFP’s Cat-Friendly Practice

The American Association of Feline Practitioners’ Cat-Friendly Practice program sets the standards for feline health care. Their goal is to encourage veterinary clinics to strive for excellence in the care of cats, from low-stress handling to adequate equipment. The Feline Medical Clinic has achieved the specific standards to earn this title.

The AAFP realizes that cats present unique challenges at a veterinary clinic. Many cats do not travel well, are sensitive to new sights and smells, and are easily stressed by unfamiliar circumstances. The Feline Medical Clinic strives to provide exceptional feline health care through low-stress handling and Feliway® products.

This program was created to address the specific needs of cats and the practices that received recognition as a cat-friendly clinic have met a wide range of standards. These standards include understanding cats have special needs, and practices need to have the proper equipment, trained staff, and cat-oriented environment to care for those needs.

If you are interested in visiting our cat-friendly clinic, schedule an appointment with the Feline Medical Clinic today at (360) 892-0224.

Full details can be found on the AAFP website: AAFP Cat Friendly Practice

The AAFP also has a website for cat caregivers which provides valuable educational information.

Check it out here: The Cat Community