Feline Medical Clinic

5801 NE 105th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98662



The Feline Medical Clinic, located in Vancouver, Washington, was founded in 1977 by Dr. Caroline Engle. It was the first veterinary practice devoted solely to the health of cats in this area, and it was one of the first such practices in the entire United States. Even after all these years, we are still the only veterinary hospital committed exclusively to cats in Vancouver.

In 1990, we constructed our current facility, which was designed specifically with our feline patients in mind. Our hospital includes separate medical and surgery wards, a ward for lodging client-owned cats with special needs, and an isolation ward for cats with contagious diseases. We have a large multi-purpose treatment room and a separate sterile surgery room.

We are located off of Fourth Plain in Orchards, near the Westfield (Vancouver) Mall. We are easily accessible from SR 500 and I-205.

Tribute to Dr. Caroline Engle, founder of the Feline Medical Clinic

February 2, 2008

On February 14, 1977 Dr. Caroline Engle first opened the doors to the Feline Medical Clinic.  At the time it was only the fourth feline-exclusive veterinary practice in the United States.  She had a vision of providing quality service and care to the cats of Southwest Washington and nearby Portland, Oregon.  At the time feline medicine was in its infancy.  Not only were cats mostly overlooked in veterinary curriculum, but most practicing veterinarians could not be bothered treating a species that did not provide a good source of income.  Caroline chose to go against this trend and over the years built a loyal following of clients.  As the practice grew and new doctors were added she was able to purchase the property where the clinic is today.  In December of 1990 the new facility was opened and is much the same as you see it now with a few additions.  It is a testament to her foresight that not only was it possible to practice good medicine for cats, but that clients would support such a venture and cause it to thrive, grow, and offer quality services for cats from all backgrounds. 

On February 2, 2008 Dr. Engle passed away.  Her dream lives on in the lives of cats that have come to the clinic over the years and had their illnesses treated and their wounds healed.  We say with certainty, that the world would have been a poorer place had she not lived her vision and set a standard for those of us who followed in her footsteps.  The cats she knew as friends, companions, and patients and who have gone on before her, now welcome her home.