5 important cat safety tips for the holiday season

The holiday season is right around the corner and it’s a happy, festive time with fun and merriment. It’s also the perfect time for your cat to get in big trouble—knocking around Christmas ornaments, digging in the poinsettias, or eating things that could make him very sick.

It can be difficult to remember with so much going on, but when decorating your home for the holidays, be sure to keep it cat-friendly and safe too. All the sights and sounds and smells are irresistible for a cat’s insatiable curiosity, but holiday decorations can pose a choking hazard or other injury. However, with a little thoughtful planning you can keep your cat safe and sound and enjoy a worry-free holiday season.

Here are 5 handy holiday-proof tips:

  1. Beware the Christmas tree

To a cat, a Christmas tree loaded with colorful ornaments is the motherlode of toys. And if your cat takes a liking to climbing the tree, he could knock the whole thing over and hurt himself or anyone nearby. Tree water may also contain pesticides and drinking it could poison your cat. Keep your cat away from the tree.

  1. Go tinsel-free

Most cats go crazy over strings and ribbons, bows, and especially tinsel. All that glitter looks nice but could lead to internal obstructions requiring surgery. Choose alternatives to tinsel, such as garland made with beads. And hang everything out of your cat’s reach for extra safety.

  1. Fireproof it

A crackling fire and soft light from candles is a favorite for many people, and cats agree. The warmth of a fire or candle is inviting but get too close and your cat could singe his whiskers or fur, or even worse, knock a candle over and start a fire. Keep candles out of reach and always use a fireplace shield.

  1. Electric blues

To a cat, extension cords and strings of lights look like things to play with, especially if the lights sparkle. Playing with string lights and cords is a good way to get tangled and chewing on them could burn or electrocute a cat. Hang everything out of reach of your curious pet.

  1. Table manners

Always keep your cat away from human food. A small extra treat is okay but avoid foods that can be toxic, as well as dairy products, and don’t make extra snacks become a habit.

For more information on keeping your cat safe during the holidays, contact the experts at Feline Medical Clinic at (360) 892-0224 or felinemedicalclinic.com.